Thriving in God’s Peace

Peace does not come easily in this life and sleep, well, if we don’ have peace, we do not have sleep. Our verse assures us that we will BOTH lie down and sleep when we dwell in the safety of the Lord. 

Psalm 4 is an expression of David’s confidence and trust in the Lord. David is running for his life while being pursued by his conniving and manipulative son Absalom (2 Samuel 15)! I would imagine David was afraid and yet, because of his close relationship with the Lord, David let go of his fear and focused on the Lord. David begins by asking for God’s grace (vs. 1) and urging his enemies to stop rebelling against God (vs. 2). David is assured that, as a faithful servant, God hears when he calls to him (vs.3).Then David says, ‘do not sin’ think about what you are doing, search your heart, offer righteous sacrifices (this means do not repay evil for evil, rather offer a blessing) and trust in the Lord (a key word to peace and safety). David seeks God’s face shining in favor (vs.6) causing David’s heart to be filled with joy, like the joy of an abundant harvest of grain and new wine! 

At last, with David’s strong trust in the Lord, he was able to both lie down and sleep, not toss and turn, dwelling in the safety of the Lord. What a blessing that must have been for David. 

I encourage you to read Psalm 4 once a day, it is only eight verses, and notice if your confidence and trust in the Lord bring you peace. May it deepen and enrich your relationship with him. Write down what changes come into your life. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised. 

So tonight, when you lay your head down, remember, God is taking care of everything. Trust him. Be confident in him, for you are dwelling in the safety of his Presence. 


Chaplain Val 

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